Sep 28, 2016

Episode 150 - I Have Raisins and You Lost

The election, 4 year podcast anniversay, Jesus & Harambe, Harry Potter, saying cockbeast at school.

Sep 8, 2016

Episode 149 - Private Staff Meeting

Buttsex update, the black dwarf, Jesus of Ruby's, men versus women, things that should be legalized.

Aug 28, 2016

Episode 148 - Cultural Folklorica

What we did on our summer vacation, the election, buttsex, Tokyo Disneyland 2018, swim team, Stranger Things.

May 4, 2016

Episode 147 - The Fourth Awakens

The long absence, tumblr, Donald Trump, leftovers, hotel hookups, farting, Letters from Craig.

Mar 29, 2016

Episode 146 - Lemon-Scented Semen

Perfect Cooker fail, Noosa yoghurt, Matt's balls, RuPaul's Drag Race, Republicans, sexy secretaries, buttholes.

Mar 16, 2016

Episode 145 - God’s Knob

Donald Trump, the primaries, angry Asians, inappropriate Christian songs, Letters from Craig, butthole licking.

Mar 3, 2016

Episode 144 - Firmly Firm AKA Poopy Mothballs

Smelly poop, the election, Donald Trump, hating Baby Boomers, Letters from Craig, bad spellers, a story about being firm.

Feb 15, 2016

Episode 143 - Pinch the Tits

Republican debate, Valentine's Day, California weather, Letters from Craig, aggressive emails, hot hole situation.

Feb 3, 2016

Episode 142 - Honest 8 Inches

Strange Label, Girl Scout cookies, coworkers, Fetty Wap, politics, Letters from Craig, crayon penises.

Jan 21, 2016

Episode 141 - Tim’s Sexy Manifesto

Netflix and chill, Ridiculousness, the Dongs, podcast shout-outs, white shaved cock, Letters from Craig, Tim's story.

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