Jan 31, 2013

Episode 18 - 1-800-BUTTSEX

We apologize in advance for the crudeness of this episode, but there's just so much to say when you're talking about the world's biggest penis, phone sex, and stupid porn titles. We also do some sex math that leads us to the conclusion that New Yorkers are giant slutbags. And yes, somehow we end up talking about jingle ass beads again. Suffice it to say, we definitely earn our explicit tag this week. (winky face)

Jan 25, 2013

Episode 17 - Cockpit and Weed

This episode gets high...and just sort of wanders off. A very sick Matt and Shasta bring you this week's episode unofficially sponsored by Afrin, which explains some very revealing stories. Matt once got so high he forgot how to use his hands, Shasta harbors a secret love for teen TV soaps, and yeah, we discuss jingle ass beads, too. Wait, what were we saying?

Jan 17, 2013

Episode 16 - Fish Paper

Ever wonder what not to say if you're trying to get a job at Disneyland? On this episode, Matt shares some answers to that question along with other stupid resume inclusions, and recounts his encounter with the neighborhood's Korean Zombie. Shasta rants about status updates that should be banned from Facebook and ponders why anything titled "Tickle His Pickle" should be available for purchase online. Then - a bedtime story...in true Matt fashion. Dude, just jam it in.

Jan 11, 2013

Episode 15 - Dog Beer and Twitter

Randomness runs rampant throughout this episode. Matt discovers dog beer, new terms from Twitter, and the fact that sonograms can apparently "be sexy for Jesus." We also give shoutouts to our Twitter followers and a fun video called "Chinese for Babies." If you can find a common thread to all that, please let us know. We couldn't - but we uploaded it anyway.

Jan 3, 2013

Episode 14 - Yoga Pants Day

It's our Yoga Pants Day celebration! This episode's topics include stupid New Year's traditions, obscure but real college majors, and finding Jesus at the Rose Parade. Also, at the request of a twitter fan, we officially name Shasta's new boobs. Bonus: Listening to this podcast counts as two credits toward your degree in Canadian Studies.


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