Feb 28, 2013

Episode 22 - Pejazzle Me!

Hey guys, ever wonder what your junk would look like if you dressed it up like a disco ball? It's the new trend: pejazzling! Disturbed yet? Yeah us too. Tonight we also discuss more stupid news stories, random upcoming holidays, and talk about all the places fun places Matt and Shasta have tattoos. Somewhere in there, we also make time to dress Shasta up as a sexy Girl Scout and review another WRN podcast. And yes, jingle ass beads somehow come up AGAIN. And for that, we apologize in advance.

Feb 21, 2013

Episode 21 - Mana-Tea Party

Tonight we discuss the true meaning of patriotism: to fight for one's right to ride a manatee without the government telling you to stop. Then in other stirring patriotic news, we discuss rich people problems, weird news from England, and questions from Twitter. This week also marks the debut of two new segments: Shasta's Slutty Closet and WRN Podcast Review. And yes, Shasta wears a schoolgirl outfit throughout the entire show. GOD BLESS 'MERIKA.

Feb 14, 2013

Episode 20 - Big Bear?!?

It's Valentine's Day so, of course, it's time to talk penis length and dress Shasta in a Hooters Girl outfit. This week, Matt finally reveals his review of The Walking Dead, we talk about America's Next Top Pope, and learn about some new segments for future shows. But before all that, we talk about America's most wanted man fleeing to - yes - Big Bear Mountain, which leaves us with just one question: who helped plan the damn escape???

Feb 7, 2013

Episode 19 - Cubs Win!

HOLY COW! This week we get a surprise visit from Harry Caray from beyond the grave (aka Matt's crappy impression) as Shasta reveals her bucket list, and Matt talks about his unhealthy obsession with koalas. We also discover some of Craigslist's most ridiculous ads of all time. Finally, we have our first guest ever join us for an in-depth discussion on Dave Coulier's beaver song, Disneyland, and Sophia the First.


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