Apr 24, 2013

Episode 30 - Haunted Toilet Paper

Welcome, foolish mortals, to this week's episode of The Beaver Exhibit. There's NO turning back now. Tonight's show is a chillingly delightful learning experience as we delve into the depths of haunted history and tragic deaths at Disneyland. We also journey through movie trivia from awesome films, review the drunken mayhem of another WRN show, and of course, visit with our old friend stupid news. Just remember, do not pull down on the safety bar. Matt and Shasta will lower it for you. Hurry baaaack....

Apr 17, 2013

Episode 29 - Pink Ukulele

In one of the most inspired moments in recent music history, Matt shares his stunning ukulele solo for the whole world to enjoy...and that's just the first two minutes of the show. This week, we explore new police blotters, angry beavers, and trading hand-jobs for chicken mcnuggets at the McDonald's drive-thru. Plus, we embark on a journey of self-discovery as we attempt to identify with a political party through the scientific process known as online quizzes. We truly hope you enjoy this evening of idiocy and ukulele genius.

Apr 11, 2013

Episode 28 - Live from Hawaii

Alooooha! It's our first episode NOT recorded on the table next to the bird cage. Instead, this week we're coming to you live from the Aulani Resort on the island of Oahu in beautiful Hawaii. After braving a flight filled with overweight Germans, it's been quite an awesome week thus far. We'll cover all the sights of Hawaii, talk about Chipotle, and of course, cover this week's weird news stories. You'll also get to hear Matt's new ukulele theme song he's been singing to people that get in his way on the inner-tube lazy river. So to all of you we say aloha and mahalo for listening.

Apr 3, 2013

Episode 27 - Diarrhea

Yes, you read the title of the show correctly. In this week's episode we explore not only diarrhea itself, but also its many causes (most notably eating at Carl's Jr. or Taco Bell). From there we discuss papaya/ass fights, why Matt with a beard would look like a combo of Mark McGwire and a pedophile, and if the Amish are truly happy to be living in Pennsylvania. Somewhere in all the idiocy we also manage to review Not Safe For Watercoolers Podcast and their not-so-scathing roast of us. Enjoy it - and try not to get diarrhea in the process. It's not fun.


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