Jun 27, 2013

Episode 39 - Ice Cream Break

Coming to you from a slightly more fabulous California, we present an entire hour of Shasta eating. From ice cream, to cookies, to playing with bandaids, she generally causes a noise-filled ruckus for an entire episode. But between the chewing, dishes crashing, and bird screaming, we manage to talk gay marriage, state mottos, and the teachings of Jesus. Yum.

Jun 20, 2013

Episode 38 - Achieving Exceptional Growth

In retrospect, we're not totally sure what happened with this week's episode. We meander through a mixture of Miss USA, convention workshop topics, and sex with goats. Somewhere in there we even find time to talk about motivational speakers, the emasculation of men in America, and horrifying entries on Urban Dictionary. It's one of the strangest episodes to date.

Jun 12, 2013

Episode 37 - Beaks of Fury

Warning: Matt is really freaking weird throughout this entire episode. Somewhere between all the strange songs, mumblings, and sexual innuendos, we manage to discuss the 50 states, the logistics of bestiality, and a new name for Shasta's vagina. And be sure to stay tuned to the very end - there's a special message to all the listeners from our daughter.

Jun 6, 2013

Episode 36 - Horny & Hotcakes

This week, we get a little sentimental - over McDonald's transforming food toys. We talk all about our childhood Happy Meal memories and bring you the best and worst fry-scented toys of all time. Other topics include: haunted Milwaukee, elusive poops, and a My Little Pony named "Horny" (complete with theme song). To top it off, Matt even has a surprise for Shasta - and trust us, it's awesome. Ba-da-buh-ba-ba...I'm lovin it!


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