Aug 28, 2013

Episode 48 - Seeing is Believing

Tonight's helpful tip - when charged by an angry possum, make sure to kick it directly into the nearest pool. But be careful, as it may rise from the dead and haunt your trashcan. Sadly, this isn't the scariest revelation on this week's show. That honor may go to a new horrific beauty pageant answer, or perhaps to the unintentionally hilarious "Trash Dance" from this week's So You Think You Can Dance. Either way, Shasta has PMS and is on the war path against stupidity, so morons beware. She's coming for you. But above all, remember that seeing is believing..such as.

Aug 22, 2013

Episode 47 - Amalgamation

On tonight's episode, we are very disturbed by some things we discover. We learn that not only is Alan Rickman playing Ronald Reagan in a new film, but also that there was almost an actual human being named JesusIsLord ChristIsKing. And if that wasn't disturbing enough, we find out that KISS is starting an arena football team, Matt has a "funny story about euthanasia", and Shasta eats a truly bizarre dessert on-air. Tie it all together with a debate over whether Jay Adson or Dan Firnekas has killed more people, and there you have it: a true amalgamation of an episode.

Aug 14, 2013

Episode 46 - Stomach Pancakes

We are officially dubbing this our "misfire" of a show. We aren't sure if it was good, bad, or downright atrocious. Either way, tonight we relive Matt's traumatizing experience of being attacked twice by blueberries, make fun of the Michigan accent, and even review a depressing film about drug use in West Virginia. You'll also get to learn why Matt is scared about getting drunk at WickedCon (and how it somehow relates to beef facials). Does this all add up to a great show? The jury's still out.

Aug 7, 2013

Episode 45 - Move, Bitch

We are officially back from our trip, and boy do we have some stories to tell. You'll get to hear all about gay men having a bitch fight, stories of audible sex, and our three year old singing a rendition of "Move, Bitch." Also, there's discussion about a new dessert at Carl's Jr., our Korean neighbor suddenly taking up cage fighting, and Matt pretending to be a terrorist reading "50 Shades of Grey". Top it all off with one of the weirdest intros of all time and you have yourself a pretty typical (aka awesome) episode of The Beaver Exhibit.


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