Oct 23, 2013

Episode 56 - Unnamed Squirrel

We lovingly invite you to come see how we "stuff the sausage" on tonight's episode. You'll get to find out how that saying was used to invite Matt to a Board of Directors meeting, other stupid things the same person said in a massively awful motivational speech, and what state matches both our personalities best (hint: the test is dead wrong). We also review the iconic Portland eatery that is Voodoo Doughnut, learn about the Fighting Artichokes, and how apparently people really want to learn to become walruses (walrii?). Top it all off with a Tennessee gun fight at a Dollar Store and you've got yourself our latest show.

Oct 17, 2013

Episode 55 - Bad Trout

This Halloween, why not try dressing up as sexy corn? Or maybe sexy pizza? You'll get to hear about these options and more on tonight's episode. We relive embarassing farts, horrible moments in trombone playing, and an obscene Sesame Street video. We also check in with Klaus the Intense Dance Dad, discuss Shasta's emotions toward her fake breasts, and hear about an awesome student from Matt's class who mistook wet wipes for deli meat. And lastly, you'll find out the wrong way to kill an Austrian trout, courtesy of Steve from our wedding. You need this knowledge.

Oct 10, 2013

Episode 54 - Save the Chaps

Ever wonder what a proper falcon-about-town would wear on a flight? If so, you'll get your answer on tonight's show. Unfortunately, Disneyland Gay Day T-Shirt Contest II was a complete bust, so we had to address other pressing issues like Intense Dance Grandma, inappropriate Strawberry Shortcake clips, and how much Matt hates the brand Muscle Milk. You'll also get to hear a heart-warming tale of a man and his chaps, and how one of Shasta's former students was terrified of pastries. But whatever you do, just remember that in life, always save the chaps.

Oct 2, 2013

Episode 53 - A Summer’s Eve

Is there anything more vile and reprehensible than a feminine hygiene commercial that comes out of nowhere? This is just one of the life-altering topics on tonight's show, along with a discussion on "Dinosaur Erotica," holding a Trauma Club meeting at a mexican food restaurant, and all the hilarious mishaps of Shasta's grandmother's funeral. Tie it all together with Shasta taking her most ridiculous food break of all time and you have one heck of an episode.


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