Dec 27, 2013

Episode 64 - Eat the Cookies

It's a very Merry Christmas here, and we are overjoyed to share the holiday with you all. Not really, we just promised we would so we kinda feel obligated. So you get yet another stirring testament to podcasting without prepared content, wherein we give you a play-by-play of Christmas Day, Shasta takes a cookie break (complete with song), and Matt accidentally says "toss the vag salad" for some reason. You'll also be introduced to Shasta's new segment called "Crass Bitch", find out if today's pork crown roast caused another panic attack, and you'll even get to hear some favorite Christmas tunes. Merry f-ing Christmas, people. This podcast is the only present you need.

Dec 20, 2013

Episode 63 - Meat Sweats

Have you ever eaten so much pork that you experience Porkanoia? That's right - paranoia brought on by pork adrenaline. If you haven't, you'll get to know all about it on tonight's episode. Now that we're no longer high, we get down to important discussions on issues like the sexual orientation of home improvement hosts, how douchey the family "Christmas Jammies" Christmas card video is, and how teenage boys react to the song "Let's Butt*uck Tonight" when accidentally played at school. Plus, Klaus may be getting a run for his money from a new contender, Shasta learns way too much about a woman on a public bus, and you'll learn all new lyrics to "Feliz Navidad". It's an informative episode, for sure.

Dec 12, 2013

Episode 62 - Knockin’ Boots for Christmas

It's a very special Christmas here on tonight's episode, so let's open our sack and see what we've got for ya. Awwww yeah girl, check it out: we once again go off on why we hate other states, discuss how the old Spiderman movies are like Full House episodes, and hope that one day we will eventually get a gay version of The Bachelor. Matt also says a bunch of racist things right from the start, people start throwing weapons at McDonald's, and Klaus gets seriously upset about substitute dance teachers. Add to that the sweet melody of a traditional Christmas hymn (for us, anyway), and you have one sexy holiday episode. Ho ho ho, baby...

Dec 5, 2013

Episode 61 - Former-Toaster Ninja Crockpots

One might say this show is jam-packed with content. Unfortunately, that would be a massive lie. Instead, we bring you what happens when we've done literally nothing for an entire week.  So tonight, you'll hear all about toasters mutating into crockpots which read "A Purpose Driven Life," more about Shasta's noisy eating habits, and a particularly awkward outdated book title from Shasta's school. We once again preach the gospel of caga tio, talk about stupid crap Matt has been buying on eBay, and there's even a little surprise from Matt somewhere in the show. So yeah - enjoy this one because it's quite something.


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