Jan 24, 2014

Episode 68 - Pee-Pee Teepee

Who's ready for a super awesome onion story?? Just kidding, it turns out to be pretty lame. Aside from that massive letdown, tonight we end up discussing bathroom law, elephants painting, and a hippo eating a dwarf. Somewhere in between all that, we discuss the merits of naming your child Cheese, how Cards Against Humanity turns us all into horrible people, and the ultra reliable Iranian media. Plus, there's a new flavor Oreo, we discuss the possible names of a Mitt Romney themed porn, and did we mention Justin Bieber is in jail? Because yeah - that's awesome news in and of itself.

Jan 17, 2014

Episode 67 - Peeps & Poops

The overwhelming majority of tonight's episode revolves around imbeciles encountered at Disneyland. You'll meet a girl named Dung, get introduced to the Mexican version of a classic Disney villain, and even hear us debate the particulars of a girl vomiting on the Winnie the Pooh ride. Just when you think it can't get worse, you'll hear an absolutely horrifying tale of what a father said to his son in a Disneyland bathroom. Wedged somewhere between all that we talk about the 2014 BEAST Awards, the comfortable predictability of men's bathroom stalls, and a fitness girl posting quasi-pornographic ass shots disguised as selfies on Facebook. Enjoy it! #FitChick #HerbaCooter #ButtSelfies

Jan 9, 2014

Episode 66 - Orlando!

Tonight's theme is basically Matt making fun of Shasta for an entire hour - whether it's over pronunciation of city names in Florida, or doorbells on cars, it's non-stop. Somewhere between all the jokes at her expense, we manage to talk about the Polar Vortex, really uncomfortable wedding nights, and a whole lot about visits with friends who listen to this show. You'll also hear about stupid things people from NorCal say, people masturbating in delis, and Matt does an impression of a drunk birthday girl. But most importantly, you'll be able to say that you were present for the soon-to-be-infamous Giant Bag of Pinecones Debate of 2014. It'll be something to tell your grandchildren about.

Jan 3, 2014

Episode 65 - Mountain Ass

In honor of the New Year, we completely destroy tonight's intro, follow it up by belching, and then go on with the show like nothing happened. It's really an inspirational moment to remember. Tonight's show topics include how much we want to move to Hawaii and eat mangos, reliving a 1989 cult classic with our daughter, and a review of 2013 and our resolutions for 2014. Trouble is, Shasta doesn't have any resolutions, so it's kind of pointless. You'll also get to hear about our trip to the mountains, how we encountered a lot of skiing Mexicans, how Matt is a bad sport at Monopoly, and how "Mountain Ass" is a real thing. So yeah, that's our New Year's celebration. We can only hope that 2014 is as full of stupid crap as 2013 was.


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