Feb 28, 2014

Episode 73 - Maslenitsa

It's been a hellish week here in SoCal and we came prepared to bitch about it. You'll hear all about Matt trying to get English-challenged people to pass difficult exams, how The Amazing Race was ruined by the worst song on earth, and how Shasta is just plain tired of this whole week in general. Also, you'll find out some amazing facts tonight, including that this week is a random Slavic festival involving butter and parties, that Betty White is older than sliced bread, and that the theme song to The Shy Kids Podcast can get stuck in your head for all eternity. Mix in some hilarious family stories of Alzheimer's and racism in airports, and it's just another episode of your favorite podcast.

Feb 20, 2014

Episode 72 - Acknowledge Me, Tim Salmon!

Fact: One time Matt brought a beach ball with "PENIS" written on it to a Dodgers baseball game and tossed it around in an effort to confuse Hispanic people. We will tell you all about it and more on tonight's episode. Topics include: He-Man's assistant, a tribute to English football legend Sir Lord Fartentibbies, the Les Mis barricade scene, and a little-known Harry Potter house elf. Plus you'll hear about a fat guy wearing suspenders standing on the street corner, how Matt's brain farts are getting out of hand this week, and how Shasta thought a character in the musical Oliver was named Dirty Sausage. We round it out with our inaugural round of Cards Against Humanity, where we challenge Rando Cardrissian to a battle of humor and wit. This is a particularly special episode.

Feb 13, 2014

Episode 71 - Let It Go

When a show starts off with a fresh dump by the cats, you know it's going somewhere special. Tonight, Matt has a lot from Facebook to bitch about, including a stupid quote from the Ugliest Woman Alive, a very strange wedding selfie hashtag, and fat people running half marathons.  From there you'll get to hear all about what our daughter sings while pooping, how there are seemingly a lot of hot chicks that do curling, and why you shouldn't bag on exes. To top it off we talk Canadian beers (we actually knew one!), a stereotypical story concerning rib throwing, and the perils of importing donkey genitalia into New Zealand. Trust us - it's important to know all this.

Feb 7, 2014

Episode 70 - Holy See-gulls

If you've ever wondered just how smart Michele Bachmann really is, you've come to the right place. We explore her incredible grasp of both history and theology on tonight's episode, and so much more. First, you'll get to hear all about today's disturbing "holiday", how Matt cut a lengthy fart once to save Christmas, and how there's a new parody porn with the best porn name ever. We'll also talk about the (not-so) Super Bowl, the Seahawks' new mascot Mike Hawk, and how Sochi apparently forgot the Olympics were coming to town. Lastly, we will attempt to answer one of life's great questions: Why are there aggressive seagulls surrounding the Vatican? It's a real spiritual journey of discovery and reflection tonight.

Feb 1, 2014

Episode 69 - Dicklicious Pants

It's a super sexy Episode 69 here and we have some old favorites lined up for you. First up, some obscene rap songs, followed by an abnormally lengthy discussion on beastiality. We then bid a sad, heartfelt farewell to a friend of the show, discuss numerous mishaps Matt has had with overly tight-crotched pants, and hear all about how apparently parents adopting kids should worry that they'll turn out black. You'll also hear just how little we care about the Super Bowl, how we can't believe Ghost Hunters is entering it's 10th season of finding absolutely nothing every damn episode, and how Shasta's gynecologist is quite cavalier about asking to see her fake boobs. And to think - we came up with all this while still sick as hell.


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