Apr 24, 2014

Episode 80 - Odiferous Pepperoni

Hope you're ready to talk religion because we sure are. We start with the revelation that the Apostle John was a bitchy, effeminate hate mail writer, and it all goes downhill from there. We discuss militant Jews, washing your ass before attending mosque, and how Jesus may have been a horse rancher in the midwest. In addition to the religious discussions, we also talk about giant penises, ball sucking, and dreams about scratching your ass.  Sadly, Matt still can't remember what he wanted to say about scrotums, but luckily Shasta saves the day with a super awesome butt sprayer story. Man we're good at this.

Apr 17, 2014

Episode 79 - Mayor McCheese

Massive news: we bought a pet lobster! You'll get to hear all about Lobsteve and his amazing adventures, but just you wait, there's plenty more. For instance, we debate whether Jesus was the original Iron Man, we pay a visit to a Serbian nanny named Shlobma Knob, and we get to hear about a Wu-Tang Clan member cutting off his penis and leaping from a balcony for no apparent reason. Also, you'll get to hear all the sexual positions that would make great assistance dog names, how one of Shasta's students got his first boner and then went to the aquarium, and Matt's creepy idea for a Craigslist ad. And lastly, we debate whether or not a dapper and elegant vagina would resemble Mayor McCheese. This is important stuff.

Apr 10, 2014

Episode 78 - The Louisville Mammys

Who's ready for some good ol' fashioned racism? We start off talking racist sports team names, which is always fun, and Shasta names the most awesomely racist team name of all time. There's lots of bad news on the horizon for Hot Pockets, we talk about stupid Cosmo columns, and what would happen if David Caruso became the new spokesman for the World Health Organization. You'll also get to hear what we thought of The Lego Movie, Captain America 2, and The Bling Ring. Spoiler alert - you're going to find out that your kid is a little bitch compared to ours (just so you know). Oh, and somewhere in there, an atheist attacks his roommate with a butter knife because he thinks the roommate is Jesus. Because, of course...

Apr 2, 2014

Episode 77 - Gay Latino Hour

Wanna hear Matt talk for a good twenty minutes in a gay South American accent? Of course you do! You'll get to hear that plus lots of other super gay stuff on tonight's episode. For instance, did you know Matt once had a great idea for a gay dude ranch? Or maybe you'd like to hear how most Christian music has evolved into homoerotic breathy mumbling. We also briefly touch on earthquakes, NCAA brackets, and Shasta's "narrow category." So yes, this episode makes absolutely no sense...as usual.


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