May 29, 2014

Episode 85 - Coitus & Coughing

This week, we really don't know where to begin, so Matt makes an apology for some unintentional (but hilarious) activity on facebook. From there, we hit all the major bases including more from our new political hero Harley Brown, 50 Cent's baseball prowess, and possible picks for summer TV. Also, weird news returns, and Shasta makes good on a promise to honor "Topless Thursday" while trying not to cough incessantly.

May 23, 2014

Episode 84 - Topless Friday

After many arduous weeks of trying, it has finally happened: Shasta has agreed to do an entire show topless. And it was everything Matt had ever hoped for. During this magical time, Matt and Shasta discuss yoga pants once again, crass bitch makes an appearance to rail against a douchey stay at home dad, and you even get to hear a little-known penis joke from The Flintstones. Also, as a part of our goal of spreading gay education to the masses, we play an educational clip about straight men learning about Grindr. And if that isn't enough for you, we discuss what's off limits in our bedroom, and the strangest group of people you can imagine for our top 10 people we'd like to have dinner with.

May 16, 2014

Episode 83 - Love/Hate Dildo Party

There are a great many things in this episode that we instantly regret. Some are kind of racisty, some are overtly sexual, and some involve Jesus farting during the Second Coming while playing a toy trumpet. (Really let that all sink in for a moment.) Once you're ready to move on, we also talk about squirting, buttsex, our daughter's bad language, vagina inspections, and dildo-themed costume parties. If that's not enough, we talk how we could have made Michael Sam's draft party even more gay, weed tasting tours, and Shasta plays the most perfect Cards Against Humanity answer to date. Boom.

May 8, 2014

Episode 82 - Horse with No Legs

Have you ever been through a valley on a horse with no legs? Or have you ever yelled "F you!" to a kid at the Disneyland Hotel pool? Well, spoiler alert, Matt accomplished one of those life goals this week. Tonight you'll also get to hear about our bird farting during an important phone call, how grits apparently make gay children, and we'll have an update on the Booty Pop ass enhancing underwear. We also dive into the world of lawn jockeys, Shasta's waffle that smells like cat pee, and more secret recordings of Donald Sterling, discovered by us. So be ready for all that.

May 1, 2014

Episode 81 - Penile Erection

Today we seek to answer an ageless question: is the term "penile erection" truly redundant? So in case you've always wondered, you'll soon be in the know. You'll also get to hear us call an old friend, Matt makes another super awesome impulse purchase, and you'll get to meet Bowtie the red lobster. Matt provides scientific proof that California helps get you laid, a Canadian named Donny Popadick gets a little crazy, and we discuss how to make the Lindsay Lohan story into an adorable Disney film. Oh and would you like to hear awesome Disney Afternoon themes? Well you've come to the right place. It's a super selfish episode. (And no, you're not crazy - that makes no sense until after you've listened.)


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