Aug 29, 2014

Episode 96 - Bird Wagon

We begin tonight's festivities with a discussion on ugly breasts, whether or not Canadian women hibernate, and whether or not aliens need an embassy. You might not think those three things could be related but just you wait - they sure as hell are. Also up for discussion tonight: fartmeal, inventing a new Spanish word, ways you can use an infrared camera inappropriately, and specifics on how Matt plans to get less fat. Letters from Ashley yields a surprise from one of our listeners, we learn about Matt's feelings on areola size, and we even inadverently invent a new term for Twitter. So if all that sounds dumb and pointless, you'd be absolutely right. And we couldn't be prouder of that fact.

Aug 22, 2014

Episode 95 - It’s Ya Berfday

As we celebrate Matt's 35 years on the earth today, it's a good time to look forward and talk about what he hopes to accomplish. As it turns out, it's also a good time to talk about Chinese man sex. During tonight's celebration, we will also discuss the Ice Bucket Challenge, our dream jobs, and maybe we'll even throw in a letter or two from Love Nest. So in the words of the immortal Fiddy Cent: "Go shawty, it's ya berfday."

Aug 15, 2014

Episode 94 - Butt Sex & Hummus

Our very good friends Matt and Melanie of Beardie and the Beast have returned from their podcasting hiatus to join us tonight, and we couldn't be more happy about that. Some of tonight's topics include: things we hate about this season of True Blood, what happened to Matt's beard, and what would happen if we were on an episode of Wife Swap. You'll hear all about Melanie's obsession with ranch, we get some more fascinatingly disgusting Letters From Ashley, and we seek scientific evidence behind the phenomenon known as "mountain ass". Toward the end, it all devolves into impressions, buttsex, and hummus. And yes, Harry Caray makes another appearance. So sit back, relax, and enjoy two hours of idiocy. 

Aug 8, 2014

Episode 93 - The Love Nest Diaries

Did you know that we once attended a live sex show in Amsterdam? Well we did, and tonight you get to hear all about that and more. You'll also hear about our vacation, how Matt enjoys terrorizing his mom by making her say horrible things, more ridiculous Letters from Ashley, and then a list of 5 corny reasons to have sex with your husband every night. Suffice it to say, Shasta doesn't agree. So sit back and enjoy another episode here with us.


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