Sep 27, 2014

Episode 100 - Happy 100th

After Matt's massively horrible attempt at wishing himself a happy 100th episode, Matt and Shasta proudly bring to you their 100th show spectacular!  Turns out, it's really not spectacular in the least - in fact it's really just a regular episode. Oh well. But despite all of that, we get to discuss hot-button topics like whether bacon sales determine national religion, why donkeys in love should never be parted, and what a butter dog is. Somehwere in there we find time to also discuss pork products with our daughter, you'll get even more ridiculous letters from Ashley, and we even discuss the pitfalls of eating almonds. Yep - it's THAT spectacular.

Sep 20, 2014

Episode 99 - Scrotum Bookends

Would you like to hear all about Matt's balls this week?  Well if not, go ahead and tune out now. Otherwise, you're in for a very informative explanation of how Matt's balls were handled by a very sexy young woman, and why that's totally ok with Shasta. Also we will discuss Carl's Jr. Christmas star ornaments, La Befana, and why we love Black Friday. We also find time amidst the scrotum discussions to analyze the domestic violence stances of both the NFL and Digiorno Pizza, why your poop may be green, and why Shasta should know better than to show Matt any picture of sexy pajamas ever. And after all that, we find a way to end the show with yet another story about scrotums. I guess we're just nuts like that.

Sep 11, 2014

Episode 98 - Penis Homes

Fact: if you are a single male, your penis is homeless. Tune in tonight to find out why. Not only will we address this critical issue, but you'll also get an update on weight loss from Matt (and the evil things Shasta is doing to torture him), 10 ways the Pope says you can lead a happier life, and Olive Garden's amazing Pasta Pass. We also have some unfortunate penis pics during Letters from Ashley, Matt and Shasta celebrate the yearly return of Haunted Mansion Holiday to Disneyland, and yes, we address how women are actually God's "penis homes". Lastly, you have recently seen Matt's prayer requests for his skin tag removal - so we talk about that in great detail so you can know how the Holy Spirit has been working in Matt's life. #Blessed #MySkinTagsAreBurned #StillBlessed

Sep 5, 2014

Episode 97 - Large Tool of Joy

You'd better get your thesaurus ready for tonight's episode as our Letters from Ashley get pretty intense. There's incredibly awful metaphor, a mention of an intra-labial ravine of love, and we eagerly await and beg for the arrival of penis. Yes all those things happen and they are utterly amazing. But before we get to all that, we'll discuss fall TV we are looking forward to, Matt's dad's country band, and The Great Butter Shortage of World War II.  Also we find time to talk about names for Matt's new podcast about fat guys, an always-naked man in the gym, and ideas for our impending 100th episode. So stick around - it's super sexy up in this bitch.


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