Oct 23, 2014

Episode 103 - Hot Sock

Every so often we have one of those episodes where we get especially racisty and stuff.  Well, tonight is one of those episodes. Whether it's tales of family members dressing in black face, or asking Siri about the attractiveness of Cambodians, we seem to hit everyone equally tonight. Between all of that, we find time to read Letters from Ashley as Harry Caray, we hear all about the perils of having defecating workers on construction sites, and we hear a bunch of little girls saying the f-word. From there it goes into stories about cleaning standards, we once again insult the rest of the country for being shitty, and we even wrap it all up with a truly inspiring how-to video describing giving head while using a citrus fruit. Believe us - you've been warned.

Oct 10, 2014

Episode 102 - Couples Assbeads

You may have often wondered "Hey, I wonder what couples assbeads are..." Well if so, I have good news: we don't know either. But we can guarantee that the way we imagine them on tonight's show is probably way better than whatever they actually are in real life. In addition to that important discussion, we'll also discuss how we met back in the day, whether or not the girl with the great ass at the gym was hitting on Matt today, and whether or not karate would be a great option for Matt - especially in light of the fact that he is apparently "top heavy" (according to Shasta).  We also answer a ton of questions, ponder a new potential theme song for the show, and discuss our recently won award. This is some seriously important stuff.

Oct 4, 2014

Episode 101 - Spirit of Anonymity

A few episodes back we had an extensive discussion on Matt's balls. Tonight, you get to hear a lot about his butthole. Are you excited yet? And if that doesn't do it for you, we also discuss pretty obvious fire safety strategies, the departure of Matt's assistant, and what the hell Yom Kippur actually is (let's face it, though - we just used it as an excuse to play Hava Nagila again). You'll also get to hear about 25 foods found only at foreign McDonald's stores, we again make fun of couples advice, and we ponder whether becoming a teacher is worth it. So stick around and learn something about hemorrhoids. It's bound to be a pain in the ass. Get it??? We are so funny.


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