Dec 21, 2014

Episode 110 - A Very Beardie Christmas

In this festive season of the year, it is usually desirable to bring forth friends to warm the cockles of your throats with joy and laughter. So with that in mind, Matt and Melanie from Beardie and the Beast stop by to share in some holiday dipshittery, and no one leaves disappointed. You'll learn all about a horrific Thai treat called Pocky, a truly horrendous movie called "The 12 Dogs of Christmas", and we even talk holiday gift giving etiquette. Our Letters from Ashley are particularly disturbing as there's a lot of dripping and uncomfortable pictures. And to top it off, we even endeavor to start our own TV channel of porn-themed Christmas films. So relax and enjoy this very special episode with good friends, good humor, and anal sex references.

Dec 14, 2014

Episode 109 - Coat Your Cheeks

Has Matt officially saved Christmas? Does it somehow involve custom-made stripper underwear? Well, the answer is an emphatic yes to both! Find out how all this was made possible on this week's show. We discuss midget burlesque, St. Lucia, and how your iPhone may inadvertently be turning your texts into Italian. You'll also hear more of Shasta's updates on Christmas movies, Matt's opinion of Ariana Grande, and some very questionable Letters from Ashley. Lastly, you'll get a really important reminder that if you're going to tell people that you "toss salad," you'd sure as hell better know exactly what that means. Just trust us, that's good advice.

Dec 6, 2014

Episode 108 - Squanto Buttholes

The title of tonight's show may not make sense to you at first glance, but we can assure you that after listening to the show, it still won't. Tonight's show is another random assortment of crap including tips from Shasta on how to properly take a dick pic, we get another disturbing letter from Jan during Letters from Ashley, and Matt gets all political on a couple things. We also award the gift card winner for this week's challenge, you get a critical Christmas movie update from Shasta, and British porn suddenly takes a turn for the worse (keep up the fight, Brits, by using #Fisting). But all that aside, we need to make the term "buttholie" a thing. #Fisting #Buttholie #HallmarkChristmas

Dec 1, 2014

Episode 107 - A Real Mensch

The sad truth is that Shasta legitimately thought she would get a week of rest and relaxation this last week. Suffice it to say, that just didn't happen. Tonight we will discuss all the bad things that happened to us, including health problems, family feuds, and even rodents eating a vehicle. From there, it gets decidedly more light-hearted, as we discuss Gaynadians, kitschy Christmas trees, and the Jewish answer to Elf on a Shelf (and just FYI, it's freaking amazing). We also receive what has to be the strangest Letter from Ashley of all time, discuss who would play us in The Beaver Exhibit Movie, and Shasta introduces all the ridiculously cheesy Hallmark Christmas movies she's watched so far this holiday season. Also, we introduce a write-in segment where you can win actual gift cards! Like for real...seriously. So Merry f-ing Christmas and whatnot.


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