Jan 24, 2015

Episode 113 - Foot Fetish

Did you know that women are turned on by scruffy men named Jack that smell like Good N' Plenty? Well it's true. You'll learn all about what makes women super horny tonight, along with frank discussions on other sex topics like kids humping bean bag chairs, squirting/peeing, foot fetishes, and what it truly means to be all about that bass. You'll also hear a moving testimony from a God-honoring woman who no longer wants to tempt men by wearing leggings, we tackle the issue of deflated balls, and as always, we'll visit the sexy world of Letters from Ashley. So relax, put on something slutty, and listen up.

Jan 17, 2015

Episode 112 - Poonfish

In a world filled with inequality, and at a time when tolerance is needed most, we give you Matt and Shasta who provide none of that. In fact, Matt takes the opportunity tonight to berate Shasta for mixing popsicles with dirty meat, he gets angry (again) with fat chicks, and somehow ends up starting a band called Poonfish. Mixed in there is a lovely discussion on bidets, tons of super hot Letters from Ashley, and we ask Siri some questions about penises. To top it off, we announce the winner of this month's Bag O' Bullshit from the Japanese 99 Cent Store and even end the show with a new send off. Think you can handle all that? Cuz this episode is just that friggin amazing.

Jan 3, 2015

Episode 111 - Resolutions

Happy New Year! Tonight we talk about really important topics facing the world as we head into 2015, such as why uncircumcised penises are probably smelly, how lucky listeners can win their own box of Pocky, and why ass bleaching may or may not be necessary. We also feature another extremely lengthy Letters from Ashley segment, as well as discussions on pole dancing, handbell teams (again), and an emotional look back on all the things people shoved up their butts in 2014. It'll make you weep. We promise. 


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