Feb 21, 2015

Episode 116 - Happy Valentine’s Day?

We aren't exactly sure what got into the guys from our Letters From Ashley segment this week, but we'll go ahead and blame Valentine's Day. In addition to the usual assortment of creepy emails we received, we'll also bring you our lengthiest "story" to date. We also talk about shoving ice cubes up your butt, beating people with pheasants, and other assorted bondage stuff. We explore new breakfast options from Taco Bell, Matt refuses to order a meaty burrito at Jack In The Box, and Matt goes into some pretty awesome imitations of people. Let's be honest though - this is a really stupid episode.

Feb 10, 2015

Episode 115 - Ass Canvas

Have you ever wondered who Shasta would go gay for? Turns out, Matt knows. And soon, you will too. Tonight we discuss southerners, how Uncle Sam hates Matt and Shasta (yep, it's tax season), and Shasta even brings a whole bunch of show content. Turns out it's just one story but hey it's better than nothing. Well, actually, it's just a list...and she doesn't even read half of it. But it's all about small victories, right? Anyway, you'll also get to hear Matt carry on a lengthy conversation with Siri, find out why we don't have a dog, and Letters from Ashley produces some seriously creepy shit. Yep. There's just nowhere to go from that.

Feb 1, 2015

Episode 114 - Battle Creek

If you thought Sons of Liberty was good, then just you wait. Tonight you're going to learn some super important American history about Michigan along with other shenanigans. After that, get ready to hear a song all about turd cutters, find out what happened to the foot fetish kid in Shasta's class, and we debate whether Kim Kardashian is secretly a genius intentionally disguising herself as an imbecile. And as always, there's super sexy Letters from Ashley, and we also reveal this month's winner of the Bag of Random Shit from the Japanese 99 Cent Store. So tune in and learn something.


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