Apr 26, 2015

Episode 121 - Breast Nipples

Have you ever wondered what kind of guy Matt would be into? Well guess what, you get to find out tonight - and the results might be disturbing or oddly fascinating. We also find out that we apparently are no longer a part of any podcasting network or community, and we discuss where we might belong in the world now that we are orphaned. We'll also talk about the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the new hot girl that works at Trader Joe's, and why Chris Pratt is just so damn appealing to women. To top it off we have a bunch of old friends return in Letters from Ashley, and we get to coin a new term. So stick around and hear just how sexy it all really is.

Apr 13, 2015

Episode 120 - Worst Letter Ever

Well, we have returned from Disney World and boy was there a lot of farting that happened. We'll discuss that along with other important lessons learned like proper handling of party pizzas, we'll explore erotic Disney World fan fiction, and we read off some of the worst Letters from Ashley, possibly of all time. Somewhere along the line, Matt begins to sing Les Mis tunes with bad lyrics, Shasta eats cake, and we finally reveal what may prove to be the most disgusting and disturbing letter as of yet. Yes, it's really THAT bad. But despite all that, we still want our listeners to remember that there's a great big beautiful tomorrow shining at the end of every day.

Apr 2, 2015

Episode 119 - Ezekiel Cornbread

Guys, we think it may be official - there's just never a good time to refer to something as so good, it's "tits". We will discuss this important topic tonight along with other critical items like Matt forgetting the names of all the actors on "Webster", vetoed show segments, Shasta's PMS, and Disney World. We also find time to talk about the newest Letters from Ashley and some very Weird News. To top it off, Matt unexpectedly belches loudly, and a picture falls off the wall scaring the living hell out of everyone. It's been quite an eventful evening here.


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