Jun 23, 2015

Episode 126 - Quiz Show

If you've ever wondered just how big of a slut Shasta really is, or perhaps what penis size is ideal for her, well then you're in luck. On tonight's special quiz show edition of The Beaver Exhibit, you'll get to find out all that and lots more, as we explore the wonderful world of online sex quizzes. Somewhere in between all of that you'll hear about how Matt and Shasta apparently look like Martha Washington and her cocker spaniel when they let their hair grow too long, how the release of Jurassic World gives Matt an excuse to play an old favorite song, and there's even a lengthy discussion on pheromones and the smelling of women's underwear. And yes, we even start laying out the framework for the impending glorious return of Letters from Ashley. So tune in and learn something about your favorite hosts. You may regret it though.

Jun 8, 2015

Episode 125 - Mexicans CAN Golf

Just a fair warning - tonight's show has a hefty amount of racism involved. But just the lovable, good ol' fashioned family racism we're known for. We start tonight off with a really important prayer request, then end up talking about sports Mexicans play, and somehow Zorro ties into all that. Matt sings some songs from Pocahontas, Shasta does a terrible job summarizing a story, and then Shasta's parents run into the Wu-Tang Clan at a local Walmart. You'll also get to hear why Shasta dislikes poor people, why Matt hates military-themed memes, and more rantings about how awful the Inland Empire is. So if you're tuning in for a show that makes sense and follows a logical flow, well, this ain't it.


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