Episode 106 - Swaggy P


There are a great many things to discuss tonight, but honestly there's really only one story that matters: the Pope is having a raffle for fabulous prizes. This is actually happening - and we couldn't be more excited about it.  Not only will we get into that in great detail, but tonight's topics also include Matt getting super high on workout supplements, the dangers of farting when your car is in reverse, and the cluster that is about to ensue tomorrow at Shasta's special Thanksgiving feast. Also, we get an abundance of Letters from Ashley, Matt has both a giant lip zit and inexplicably oily hair, and we discuss the merits of the nickname "Swaggy P". Personally we think given that the Pope is raffling off swag, maybe he deserves this nickname more than anyone else. So listen up and weigh in. Who do YOU think deserves the title of Swaggy P?

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