Episode 107 - A Real Mensch


The sad truth is that Shasta legitimately thought she would get a week of rest and relaxation this last week. Suffice it to say, that just didn't happen. Tonight we will discuss all the bad things that happened to us, including health problems, family feuds, and even rodents eating a vehicle. From there, it gets decidedly more light-hearted, as we discuss Gaynadians, kitschy Christmas trees, and the Jewish answer to Elf on a Shelf (and just FYI, it's freaking amazing). We also receive what has to be the strangest Letter from Ashley of all time, discuss who would play us in The Beaver Exhibit Movie, and Shasta introduces all the ridiculously cheesy Hallmark Christmas movies she's watched so far this holiday season. Also, we introduce a write-in segment where you can win actual gift cards! Like for real...seriously. So Merry f-ing Christmas and whatnot.