Episode 128 - Gonorrhea


Ever wonder why it's called "the clap"? Well, you're about to find out - and it's horrifying. Luckily Matt comes up with a fun song about it, so it's all good. Tonight starts off pretty racist when Matt discusses why Asians can't see, Shasta learns the origin of the name Burkina Faso, and then somehow ends up insulting our number one fan, Jay. We also discuss several important topics like Nubians, what "doin it Jesus style" might entail, and how fishes and loaves doesn't actually mean what you think. ALso, Letters from Ashley are heavy into butt stuff, and as usual involve some ridiculously creepy fantasies. So tune in and learn something about STD's, Jesus, and Asians. Or in other words, just another episode of The Beaver Exhibit.