Episode 129 - Breeders


Are you looking to talk sports and interracial sex? If so, you're in for a treat tonight. We start off talking about a sports talk host getting fired for insulting Dominicans, which we then manage to do ourselves as well. From there Matt talks Lakers fans and how they believe Kobe shoots the ball too much, and then proceeds to discuss his disdain for Yasiel Puig. And whenever there's something Matt feels passionately about, he of course has to put it to song. After that we go down the fetish rabbit hole to places even we find disturbing. Shasta can barely handle most of the remainder of the episode as we take some new Letters from Ashley and still continue to struggle to comprehend the idea of "breeding", "bulls", and "cuckolds".  Sometimes we joke that you may find an episode disturbing, but in all seriousness, this one will mess with your head.