Episode 65 - Mountain Ass


In honor of the New Year, we completely destroy tonight's intro, follow it up by belching, and then go on with the show like nothing happened. It's really an inspirational moment to remember. Tonight's show topics include how much we want to move to Hawaii and eat mangos, reliving a 1989 cult classic with our daughter, and a review of 2013 and our resolutions for 2014. Trouble is, Shasta doesn't have any resolutions, so it's kind of pointless. You'll also get to hear about our trip to the mountains, how we encountered a lot of skiing Mexicans, how Matt is a bad sport at Monopoly, and how "Mountain Ass" is a real thing. So yeah, that's our New Year's celebration. We can only hope that 2014 is as full of stupid crap as 2013 was.