Episode 72 - Acknowledge Me, Tim Salmon!


Fact: One time Matt brought a beach ball with "PENIS" written on it to a Dodgers baseball game and tossed it around in an effort to confuse Hispanic people. We will tell you all about it and more on tonight's episode. Topics include: He-Man's assistant, a tribute to English football legend Sir Lord Fartentibbies, the Les Mis barricade scene, and a little-known Harry Potter house elf. Plus you'll hear about a fat guy wearing suspenders standing on the street corner, how Matt's brain farts are getting out of hand this week, and how Shasta thought a character in the musical Oliver was named Dirty Sausage. We round it out with our inaugural round of Cards Against Humanity, where we challenge Rando Cardrissian to a battle of humor and wit. This is a particularly special episode.