Episode 74 - Forestry & Secrets


What are the logistics of having sex with a Hot Pocket, you ask? Well we certainly don't know. But that doesn't stop us from talking all about someone who did it. We wonder how he kept the ham and cheese from exploding out all over the place, or how he maintained the integrity of the crust while thrusting, among other logistical issues. Tonight we also talk about John Travolta's moving introduction of Adelle Dazeem at the Oscars and what it may prove about his sexuality, how the A-Team theme makes anything funny or better, and how changing the name of one of the Oscar nominated songs to "Crapping" makes it take on a whole new meaning. Plus Matt does a lot of singing, we have a lively debate over Ezekiel bread, and you'll get to hear all about our daughter's stuffed snowman's back story and skill set.  It's really kind of disturbing. But hey, that's pretty typical around here at this point.