Episode 76 - Droppin’ Loads


It's been a while since we had some family time with our daughter on the show, so guess what? She's back to sing another profane and inappropriate song for you all! In addition to that gem, we also visit with a Christian local radio show whose innocence really is getting the best of them, talk all about irritating people posting about "hump day" and/or CrossFit, and talk about all the songs stuck in Matt's head. You'll also get a full recap (and apology or two) about Wicked Con, what we really thought of everyone there, and some insight into Shasta's behavior while there. Matt even reveals where he and Shasta REALLY went on the night of the mixer and why they never returned after leaving. So make sure to give this episode a listen if you want the behind the scenes look at Wicked Con 2014 and much, much more.