Episode 86 - Biblical Marriage


A friend of Matt's once said that we needed to have a more biblical marriage. So tonight, we seek out wisdom to help us do that - and then make fun of it. And because of that, we get to see the Holy Spirit "rain" up in this bitch. We also find time to discuss Shasta's road rage over Mario Kart 8, our daughter's new musical obsession, and a catchy tune about waffles. Also, apparently vajazzling is back, why Christians shouldn't use sex toys, and the Chicago Cubs just drafted a guy named Joey Pankake which may legitimately be Shasta's new favorite name of all time. Lastly we also ponder how Jews name their temples, what quantity qualifies as "some" cheese, and whether or not masturbating with cucumbers is a parole violation. Obviously it's a very cohesive episode.