Episode 98 - Penis Homes


Fact: if you are a single male, your penis is homeless. Tune in tonight to find out why. Not only will we address this critical issue, but you'll also get an update on weight loss from Matt (and the evil things Shasta is doing to torture him), 10 ways the Pope says you can lead a happier life, and Olive Garden's amazing Pasta Pass. We also have some unfortunate penis pics during Letters from Ashley, Matt and Shasta celebrate the yearly return of Haunted Mansion Holiday to Disneyland, and yes, we address how women are actually God's "penis homes". Lastly, you have recently seen Matt's prayer requests for his skin tag removal - so we talk about that in great detail so you can know how the Holy Spirit has been working in Matt's life. #Blessed #MySkinTagsAreBurned #StillBlessed