Jan 9, 2016

Episode 140 - Sperm Extinguisher

Still coughing, softcore porn, the miracle of birth, Letters from Ashley, "hood", Letters from Craig, Black Brett, heavy cummer.

Dec 29, 2015

Episode 139 - 2016: Full Ass

Resolutions, butt stuff, Crossfit porn, diets, Disney World, coughing, Letters from Craig.

Dec 6, 2015

Episode 138 - Stereotypical Set of Nuts

Testicles, scrotal pearls, Cholula, stripey couch, big loads, Letters from Craig, Couch Bitches.

Nov 24, 2015

Episode 137 - Balls of Knowledge

Goat dick, dirty foot bitches, Thanksgiving, touchless toilets, Kesha lyrics, gay Dear Abby, vuvuzelas, Letters from Ashley.

Nov 8, 2015

Episode 136 - Palestine Dick

Coughing, smelling dicks, Jesus, coffee cups, horny women, Dr. Carson and the Temple of Grain, cool black guys, vaginas, infectious diarrhea, hot gynecologists.

Oct 23, 2015

Episode 135 - Viva Las VegASS

We are coming to you live tonight from The Venetian Hotel and Casino in ever-so-charming Las Vegas. And tonight, you get to hear all of our misadventures including: visiting a local (and highly rated) sex shop, being attacked by Miss Korea pageant contestants, old guys ordering hookers in the bathroom, and of course, Shasta purchasing something slutty and wearing it during the show. You'll also hear lengthy discussions on Ukrainian Jesus, demisexuality (whatever the hell that is), and why it is that guys cheat on their wives. All of this is done, mind you, while Matt is constantly being distracted by both Shasta's boobs, and a volcano erupting across the street. So enjoy this little bit of Vegas with us.

Oct 7, 2015

Episode 134 - El Butthole Loco

You're going to hear a lot of things on tonight's show that maybe you'll wish you hadn't. This could include things such as Shasta's stages of hemorrhoid grief, the definition of an Alabama Hot Pocket, and how Shasta inadvertently showed her tits to the guy at the El Pollo Loco window. We'll also talk about Matt's coworker's sexual enlightenment ("you know what'd just be STUPID?"), how Shasta's hair matches her personality, and how apparently one of our Letters from Ashley is searching desperately for a night stand. It's just more of the same from your favorite show.

Sep 24, 2015

Episode 133 - Hashtag Real Marriage

Tonight is all about relationships. Nothing wholesome, mind you, but rather a real look into what it's like to be married. But before we get into all that, Matt has an annoying song stuck in his head, Shasta explains why Matt isn't threatening to women, and we discuss our disbelief that apparently so many men can't last for an hour in bed. We also find time to talk about the Pope, how Shasta never "makes love", and a whole lot about penises in general. Letters from Ashley returns to its bizarre ways with references to things like worshipping balls and licking ass. Overall, you can learn a whole lot about being married from this episode. And that's super helpful.

Sep 9, 2015

Episode 132 - Crumble My Crackers

The summer of change has finally gone and we spend tonight reflecting upon it. You'll hear all about Shasta's new hair, new job, and a new trick she learned in pole dancing class tonight. You'll also hear how our daughter may be part of the Queen Bee clique at school and how that terrifies us somewhat. From there we delve into our Letters from Ashley and we have some winners. An old friend returns, a new one bursts onto the scene, and somewhere in between there are conversations about full cunnilingus and crumbling crackers. Don't worry - if that's confusing to you, we don't even remotely begin to get it either. So enjoy our look back at the summer of change and our look forward into the year ahead. It's super special.

Aug 25, 2015

Episode 131 - Deep, Hard & Non-Stop

Sometimes God hands you a few little gifts in life. Tonight's episode includes two of those gifts. First, there's Rod, our new Intense Swim Dad, who's spectacular rants promise to be a gift that keeps on giving for many weeks to come. Also, we get a letter from Ashley that's just prefect (nope, not a typo there). After the episode starts out with an impromptu luau, we spend a great deal of time talking about sperm, dipshit women at Disneyland, and ankle bracelets worn by swingers. Full disclosure: Matt may be walking into a swinger situation this week. What will happen? Tune in next week to find out! But in the meantime, make sure to put on your best cowboy hat and saddle up for some phyllisophical conversations.

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