Aug 12, 2015

Episode 130 - Sweet Pushy

Every time we try to do an episode about TV shows we're into, we somehow end up so off topic that we forget what we were talking about. Tonight, despite our best efforts, we talk about lots of other stupid things like how large breasted women may look like penises, how to dress like a proper Mexican, and how once again, Kobe shoots the ball too much. We also manage to talk a bit about Netflix shows, how America's Next Top Model is just not good culturally relevant, and we even spoil the ending of Pretty Little Liars for everyone at home. Letters from Ashley, while admittedly fewer in quantity since the infamous hack, still yields some weirdos, so at least there's that. And finally, there's also a surprise visit (well, several actually) from our daughter during the show. So from our whole family to yours, enjoy this episode.


Jul 27, 2015

Episode 129 - Breeders

Are you looking to talk sports and interracial sex? If so, you're in for a treat tonight. We start off talking about a sports talk host getting fired for insulting Dominicans, which we then manage to do ourselves as well. From there Matt talks Lakers fans and how they believe Kobe shoots the ball too much, and then proceeds to discuss his disdain for Yasiel Puig. And whenever there's something Matt feels passionately about, he of course has to put it to song. After that we go down the fetish rabbit hole to places even we find disturbing. Shasta can barely handle most of the remainder of the episode as we take some new Letters from Ashley and still continue to struggle to comprehend the idea of "breeding", "bulls", and "cuckolds".  Sometimes we joke that you may find an episode disturbing, but in all seriousness, this one will mess with your head.


Jul 16, 2015

Episode 128 - Gonorrhea

Ever wonder why it's called "the clap"? Well, you're about to find out - and it's horrifying. Luckily Matt comes up with a fun song about it, so it's all good. Tonight starts off pretty racist when Matt discusses why Asians can't see, Shasta learns the origin of the name Burkina Faso, and then somehow ends up insulting our number one fan, Jay. We also discuss several important topics like Nubians, what "doin it Jesus style" might entail, and how fishes and loaves doesn't actually mean what you think. ALso, Letters from Ashley are heavy into butt stuff, and as usual involve some ridiculously creepy fantasies. So tune in and learn something about STD's, Jesus, and Asians. Or in other words, just another episode of The Beaver Exhibit.


Jul 5, 2015

Episode 127 - Many Talks Horny

Today marks the triumphant return of Letters from Ashley - and boy do we have some winners for you. But before we get into all that, we discuss the legalization of gay marriage, Shasta interrupts the podcast to eat fig bars, and Matt invents the term "meatador". Also, there's a lengthy rendition of a worship song with a "slow piano riff" (whatever the hell that is), and once we finally do make it to the Letters, we've got some old favorites along with plenty of new friends. Enjoy!


Jun 23, 2015

Episode 126 - Quiz Show

If you've ever wondered just how big of a slut Shasta really is, or perhaps what penis size is ideal for her, well then you're in luck. On tonight's special quiz show edition of The Beaver Exhibit, you'll get to find out all that and lots more, as we explore the wonderful world of online sex quizzes. Somewhere in between all of that you'll hear about how Matt and Shasta apparently look like Martha Washington and her cocker spaniel when they let their hair grow too long, how the release of Jurassic World gives Matt an excuse to play an old favorite song, and there's even a lengthy discussion on pheromones and the smelling of women's underwear. And yes, we even start laying out the framework for the impending glorious return of Letters from Ashley. So tune in and learn something about your favorite hosts. You may regret it though.


Jun 8, 2015

Episode 125 - Mexicans CAN Golf

Just a fair warning - tonight's show has a hefty amount of racism involved. But just the lovable, good ol' fashioned family racism we're known for. We start tonight off with a really important prayer request, then end up talking about sports Mexicans play, and somehow Zorro ties into all that. Matt sings some songs from Pocahontas, Shasta does a terrible job summarizing a story, and then Shasta's parents run into the Wu-Tang Clan at a local Walmart. You'll also get to hear why Shasta dislikes poor people, why Matt hates military-themed memes, and more rantings about how awful the Inland Empire is. So if you're tuning in for a show that makes sense and follows a logical flow, well, this ain't it.


May 30, 2015

Episode 124 - Schlong Sling

Pretty much everything in this entire episode is related to male genitalia. So if you're uncomfortable with that, just do yourself a favor and don't listen. But in the off chance you ARE into man-junk, then this is your lucky day. Tonight we'll discuss how to make your cock and balls more shapely, revisit Matt's dicklicious pants, and even learn the science behind morning wood. You'll also get to hear perhaps the most ridiculous yet strangely awesome softcore porn music ever, and Shasta will walk you through how thong underwear is a cable car from your anus to your vagina. Then, somewhere along the line, Matt invents a new tongue twister for which this episode is lovingly named and dedicated. Enjoy a whole lot of scrotum sa-yack everybody!


May 16, 2015

Episode 123 - Cake Farts

We start tonight's show off with a really big announcement that's a real game changer, but we're excited about it. From there, though, it all goes straight to hell. We learn all about the hip new craze called "cake farting", Matt and Shasta share their opinions on the Fifty Shades of Grey film, and there's a lively debate about whether Shasta's butthole should be referred to as "ol'", "old", or "olde". From there we have a visit from some of our most treasured fans in Letters from Ashley, and we leave the show feeling seriously dirty and in need of a shower. So get ready to get nasty, and fire up this episode of The Beaver Exhibit.


May 8, 2015

Episode 122 - Craps Thang

There's a lot of learning happening this week. For one, we discover a clue as to why Asians drive so poorly, then we get to learn the true meaning of "heebie-jeebies" and whether or not that's actually racist in origin. You'll also hear about an absolutely creepy couple who bangs in front of their kids, an incredibly stupid woman from Nebraska suing all homosexuals, and we get the second worst Letter from Ashley of all time. Additionally, we talk about podcast networks, Matt purchasing sucker fish, and Shasta refusing to discuss a particular individual's boners any further.


Apr 26, 2015

Episode 121 - Breast Nipples

Have you ever wondered what kind of guy Matt would be into? Well guess what, you get to find out tonight - and the results might be disturbing or oddly fascinating. We also find out that we apparently are no longer a part of any podcasting network or community, and we discuss where we might belong in the world now that we are orphaned. We'll also talk about the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the new hot girl that works at Trader Joe's, and why Chris Pratt is just so damn appealing to women. To top it off we have a bunch of old friends return in Letters from Ashley, and we get to coin a new term. So stick around and hear just how sexy it all really is.


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